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“Avengers: Infinity War” receives mostly positive, but also tepid reviews

“Avengers: Infinity War,” which opens Friday, received mostly positive reviews from critics, with an 85 percent “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But top critics from publications like the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times were less than impressed. One thing critics agreed on: Fans should not expect a satisfying ending to the film, since it’s the first installment of a two-part sequel to the previous “Avengers” films. Critics… Read Article →

“Rampage” Finally Just Pairs Dwayne Johnson With a Giant Gorilla

George, the last albino silverback, is Davis’ best friend. They stumble over a roadblock that’ll be familiar to anyone in a long-term relationship when George is accidentally struck with a genetic-enhancement serum after it meteors out of space, where it was being tinkered on by the nefarious Engyne corporation. Stop me if you’ve heard this one already… George ends up growing to Kong-esque proportions, and begins, um, rampaging across the… Read Article →